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Massage Services

Raindrop Massage
Raindrop Technique® combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body, usually the feet and back. It may be combined with reflexology. This application provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The oils are first applied to the soles of both feet using the Vita Flex technique. Next they are dropped from a height of about six inches above the back, which is where Raindrop Technique gets its name. They are then massaged along the spine and back muscles using a series of light, feathering strokes along with deeper work.

The traditional oils used are Valor®, Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, and Aroma Seiz™. A custom collection may be individually designed upon request. (Learn More)

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