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Massage Services

Scar Treatment
Scar tissue may be due to trauma, repetitive motion, or surgery. This tissue is not as soft and pliable as the original tissue or muscle fibers. Because it pulls on the surrounding tissue, it can be the source of discomfort and pain with movement and, in some extreme cases, further injury. Scar tissue can be easily reduced or diminished with massage therapy in addition to regular physical activity, especially in the first 8-10 weeks. ETPS therapy, Far Infrared Heat, and Kinesiology Taping are effective scar reduction therapies, even for mature scars. These modalities repolarizes the tissue to allow the fibers to realign, the scar to flatten, and to decrease discoloration. The combination of manual massage, ETPS, far infrared heat, and taping is very powerful in reducing the appearance of scars as well as drastically reducing discomfort associated with the scar. Three to ten treatments (30 minutes each) are recommended for preeminent results.

First Treatment: $50 (30 mins)
Follow-up Treatment: $30 (15-20 mins)

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